The perfect team — family ethics applied to all our clients. That's Phil's Euro LLC.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Phil Sr. – Master Tech & Founder

After obtaining a mechanical engineering degree in Greece, Phil came over to the States in 1969. Worked at Gran Prix Auto in Clifton for 6 years touching the timeless classics now of the Gullwing, 300SL, and Porsche 911s. In 1975 Phil purchased a Texaco, now known as Phil's Service and 39 years later the company still stands as a testament to hard work, dedication, client reputation. 


Phil – Master Tech & Diagnostics

After high-school, Phil joined the Air Force to work on fighter-jets and learned that the job needs to be done right the first time. With the mechanical and diagnostics background obtained in the service, he returned applying the same methodology to the European fleet. Continues to stay a thought-leader in automotive electrical diagnostics and a go-to for my shops in the area for his insights.

Nunzio – Apprentice & Marketeer

You might see this gofer floating around mostly on Saturdays shadowing the Phils and asking questions like a 3 year old. Outside of being a Creative Director for the creative think-tank Hook&Loop, Professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology & Entrepreneur, Nunzio's passion for classic european cars is deeply embedded. Picking up the trade steadily and becoming part of the family. With strong communication skills, he is helping to market the quality and workmanship Phil's Service possesses to the masses that usually is only passed along via word of mouth.