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The Project Begins - 1969 MGC GT

We are always getting ourselves into some unique cars here at the shop. One of our customers dropped off this 69 MGC GT and decided that its home was at Phil's. For years we have sat on the project until just recently. After contacting the customer and then the NJ MVC, the tile was in our name along with the original color marked red.


Immediately the listing began with sourcing all new parts along with hitting up some of our fellow shops from our years of service. The plan has been made – the restoration begins. Step one is gutting out the car and then removing all trim, bagging and tagging. Once the dismantling of the MGC is done, we can then bring the car to get dipped and start the structure overhaul. 

We are posting our initial photos as the car stands today and will continue to keep our readers up-to-date with the progress. Looking to be a great MGC GT in the near future!